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The Penguin-Air™ provides cool constant air-flow eliminating heat and CO2 build-up normally found in masks and respirators.

Get yourself a Personal Air Powered Respirator (PAPR) instead of getting tired of the pandemic.


The Penguin-Air™ provides
all-day protection without causing skin rash or fatigue.
It provides reliable all day protection with a single charge.

Order yourself a Personal Air Powered Respirator (PAPR) today instead of getting tired of the pandemic.

N95 AND N99 RESPIRATORS CAUSE EXTREME DISCOMFORT AND leakage can easily make them Less effective.

The Penguin-Air™ is a personal wearable electronic device that offers superior protection and comfort. It filters input air in real-time as you breathe providing positive pressure to your mask. This effectively eliminates leakage providing 99+ protection.

The number of global cases is rising at dangerous levels with hotspots in the US, Sweden, & Brazil.
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The hotspots around the world desperately need a solution to this virus.

We provide cool particulate-cleaned air* through a wearable electronic filter-based device. The patent-pending Penguin-Air™ helps protect you and your family while reducing everyone’s risk of future pandemics.

*The percentage of particulates cleaned shall be tested in an independent lab in 1st Q 2021. The system uses MERV 16 rated filters as found in many N95 respirators.

We need to address the prevention of viruses in a new way.
By using the The Penguin-Air™ you are helping to flatten the curve while protecting yourself

Why we all need more protection than N95 and N99
respirators can provide.

“You have the best solution I have ever heard of for today and the future regarding viruses.”

Mark Malek - 4/30/20

Managing Partner

Widerman Malek, Attorneys at Law

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